img-quotesAli went out of his way to make sure my daughter (in college near by) would get her medications. I'm very thankful for this pharmacy and the personalized service they give. Its hard to find that these days. They really care about their customers and it shows..THANK YOU ALI!!img-quotes01
-Star D.
img-quotesThe staff at Kings are exceptional and epitomize above and beyond care. I started a new medication but was unaware of how expensive it would be. The phenomenon people, Ali and Valerie specifically, found me a deal where it cost me nothing. Valerie you are fantastic! I can not thank you guys enough!img-quotes01
-Patricia O.
img-quotesThis is the best pharmacy! The service is outstanding and it is a beautiful boutique pharmacy. The team is very knowledgeable and work so hard to get my prescriptions filled right away. I highly recommend this pharmacy to everyone! img-quotes01
-Lili D.
img-quotesI'll start by saying I hate insurance companies and distrust the medical field in general so much so that instead of going to a doctor, I'll either just tough it out or ask a doctor friend for help. I had no choice but to go see a dermatologist recently because I had an itchy rash on my back that appeared to be spreading. It turned out to be eczema and the dr wrote me a script for Vanos. He insisted that I only use the brand name stuff and that I use the pharmacy across the street--King's. Even though he disclosed that he doesn't have any financial gain by recommending this product (no stock shares, etc...) I was still skeptical. Nonetheless, I went to King's as he gave me a coupon for a free tube of Vanos.  When I arrived, Corrina promptly helped me. Because I hadn't yet received my insurance card (hubbie started new job 2 weeks ago), I gave her the info I had. She called around for about 20 minutes getting my info correct and taking care of it. She was incredibly patient and did her due diligence to earn my trust and business. I left King's in about 25 minutes with my script filled. What a great place! img-quotes01
-Joyce L.
img-quotesThis is the best pharmacy ever. The employees are super great and know you when you come in. They do whatever they can to work to your needs.Highly recommended.img-quotes01
-Aaron D.
img-quotesLove love love king's pharmacy. The girls that work there are so great. Want your prescriptions ready in 5 minutes or less?  Go to King's for fast, effective service.img-quotes01
-Diane D.
img-quotesConvenient location to my Doctors office That's directly upstairs.  This is a compounding Pharmacy, which customizes your prescription needs for necessary reasons.  such as to avoid allergic reactions to dyes and/ or preservatives.  It's just plain cool to have your medications prepared the old fashion way!  It appears that they specialize in hormone replacement therapy as well.  I'll remember that when I menopause!  ;) Lastly, they conveniently carry most of the necessities you would need to acquire from your local drug store.  Some specialty products as well.  Prices are comparatively fair and they accept most insurance plans.  Cash and credit only, no checks accepted.  Best of all, no long lines or terrible wait!img-quotes01
-Sadie M.
img-quotesIll cut to the chase - this place has their stuff together. Service was quick and the employees took care to make sure I knew what the heck i was taking and what to expect from it. I was in and out quick with what I needed. Def recommend Kings to everyone. img-quotes01
-Dez. D
img-quotesMost outstanding pharmacy ever. I wrote this review a while ago. It's rare that there are so many "5" reviews. Kings Pharmacy is the sort of business that deserves this praise. They are friendly, accurate and very customer oriented. Their pharmacists hold Doctorate degrees in pharmacy. Their compounding makes it possible to get any type of medication. If you want to feel better and live longer, go see these folks. They will refer you to an MD who will test for hormone balance. If you need a boost somewhere, Kings will compound a bio-identical hormone that is all natural based (not just a bunch of chemicals from big pharmacy companies). For personalized service, go to Kings Pharmacy. It is absolutely THE BEST!img-quotes01
-Terry D.
img-quotesGreat customer service, really care about your individual needs. Prescriptions quickly delivered, staff is very friendly & helpful. img-quotes01
-Amber M.
img-quotesI feel amazing:-)  The staff at Kings are always friendly and willing to work with your doctor to get everthing balanced.  I am very busy and they always have my script ready when I walk in.  Thank you Kings img-quotes01
-Diane D.
img-quotesI was looking for a specific medication that nobody had! I got a hold of King's Pharmacy and they were very helpful even though I haven't been to their pharmacy. They went above and beyond for me just as a courtesy! Great customer service and very helpful employees! They're located downstairs from my doctor too! Nice little pharmacy that had a lot of gift items as well! Oh and they had a disney movie for me to enjoy while 1 waited like 1 minute! They won my loyalty! img-quotes01
-Jane S.

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